Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 14 Problem 140 + 22 = 137

The problem in the heading relates to the fact that yesterday we had a snow base of 140 cms, over night we had 22 cms of not particularly heavy snow and now we have a base of 137 cms. Now I understand how snow settles but never with figures like that so there has to be some other explanation - you go figure.

Yup the 22 cms tipped down last night and they were calling for another 5 during the day today which was probably about right and another 5 overnight tonight. When we got to the hill we found that Currie was closed, Cedar was closed from Cruiser beyond and most of Lizard was closed. With this info the only thing to do was to take the fast way up the old side ( no I'm not saying what that is) and ski the old triangle. OK for us season pass holders but not sure if I would be that happy if I had paid full price for a day ticket.

With all the fresh everything was good and we hit Boom, Boom Ridge, Cedar Ridge ( several ways) and Linda's despite a closed sign. Temps were warming ( eventually reaching -1 mid mountain) so the new snow cover was getting heavier all the time but still great skiing.

After a short late morning choccy break we hit the new side to see what looked good. The answer was not a lot as it was socked in and although the snow was ok the viz was bad. Decided to hit Surprise Trees but on the way out skied past Anaconda and it just looked too good to miss. That proved a good call and Anaconda was steep and deep all the way down. From the bottom we took our first excursion into Bootleg Glades which was great fun with fallen trees providing some good rolling drop offs all the way down to Gilmar Trail.

Because of the bad light we went back to the old side and struck lucky. Going up the Bear we noticed the patrol had just opened the Sunny Side shoulder. With all the early morning powder chasers gone home and everyone else at lunch there was no one around so we jumped in. We then spent the next hour and a half putting loops down Sun Up and China Wall each time going a little further to get fresh tracks.

By that time it was late afternoon so we skipped lunch and checked out more of the old side. A couple more trips into Linda's was fun. We then tried King Fir - actually there are about half a dozen routes off to the right of Cedar Ridge which various people call King Fir. As long as a run drops through the trees to skiers right of Cedar ridge and goes somewhere near a large fir tree chopped off at about half height then I guess you can call it King Fir. Nice tight steep deep skiing until last bell.

Fingers crossed for some more tonight although they are calling for + temp highs for the next couple of days so things could get very heavy, we will see.

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