Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 12 and it's free skiing from now on

Just to explain the heading, the season pass cost $880 (early bird) so it depends on how much value you attach to a days skiing but as RCR seem to think it's worth about 75 bucks then today I got back the value of the past and everything from now on is free.

We have very weird weather. Last night the temp droped to -23 with snow and wind so that by morning we had 10 cms of fresh pushing the base to 135cms, but at so low temps the moisture content was almost zero and although it covered what was underneath it offered no real base. The forecast was for the temp to stay the same which was right and for a wind chill of -38 with instant frost bite. In the event there was no wind on the hill ( which doesn't mean there wasn't any in the valley) and we had a beautiful blue bird day but very cold.

Afraid we just hit the new side so another day of no information on the old side. Just like yesterday hit the open faces in Gun bowl and I bowl which were so all untracked and with so few people on the hill remained so all morning. We just spent our time putting fresh tracks along side our old ones. Surprise trees were surprisingly not that good (not bad) but a lot of growth and very uneven under foot.

Went into Big Bang via the Lazy Locals traverse for the first time since opening day not because I thought it would be good but because Lynda wanted to use the wash rooms at Lost Boys and I didn't want to stand around. As before it was ok but still too much debris around to allow you to really let the skis rip.

County Line was still open so Concussion from the top was very nice indeed. Last run before lunch we dropped Corner Pocket which is now scraped out by boards with the tires showing but after a rather technical descent through the chute it was over the head face shots so much so that I had to stop because I couldn't breath all the way down to the traverse into Easter.

With Lynda in the Gym this afternoon I went adventuring on the new side. Currie Creek was a bit tree strewn all the way down but very deep and the ski out wasn't all bad. Easter bowl right was very tight in the trees but near the right sign line there was awesome powder. Technically Skydive was closed ( well actually it was just plain closed but as this was for cover and not for avi reasons it doesn't really count) but I gave it a lash. The top of Skydive was just awesome with thigh deep powder and untracked open terrain. About half way down it got a bit technical so I cut right into Stag Leap and when that didn't get much better right again into Cougar Glades where despite hitting a covered stump the skiing was good.

About 3:30 they stopped running Timber Chair which had been stopping all day ( 12 times on one trip) in order to repair it. About time as this lift breaks down every year early season and in temps of -23 it is no fun sitting out on it. Whoever is responsible for maintaining that thing should be walking around with their ass in a sling.

The forecast is even more weird, They are calling for a massive warm up by Wednesaday with a high of +4. Having been born in the UK this is hard for me to understand as in the UK you probably won't experience a 40 degree temp change in your whole life and we are going to get it in two days. Looks like two big wet storms out to the west, one currently dumping on Whistler so things looking good.

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