Thursday, April 2, 2009

2nd April

And day 101 was just as good as I thought it might be. Another 6 cms overnight repaired the hill and soft on soft on soft meant that the skiing stayed deep and soft but you just had to look for it a bit harder than the last two days. Despite an excellent evenings entertainment at the ticket checkers party we managed to get to the hill at or about 9 o'clock.
The recent snow falls have raised the base to just over 250 cms which isn't all that short of where we should be at this time of year. The forecast for the next few days is a rapid rise in temperature to plus 15 so we have perhaps one more day of good winter skiing before we will have to content ourselves with spring skiing for the rest of the season.
Again we hit the new side and again found good skiing almost everywhere. There was even fewer people than usual on the hill so we had plenty of time to put fresh tracks where ever we wanted. Mitchy chutes, Big Bang, Anaconda, Bootleg, Knot Chutes, Stag Leap to name but a few all proved good deep snow with two foot jumping into deep powder where ever you wanted.
Having started on Cornice Chutes/ Lone Fir yesterday today was the time to try out every aspect of this part of the hill. The Lone Fir chutes were untracked probably due to the sign at the top saying - Extreme terraine for experts only, extreme hazards, mandatory cliffs and drop offs - all of which proved to be true during the course of the day. Managed to find 4 different ways down through the chutes thanks to a good guy I met called Dillon who showed me some very gnarly stuff and which I guess was the steepest and tightest stuff I have ever skied, and those that have skied with me know that is saying something. Best thing was that with a bit of work you could link up with Spinal Tap which remains pretty challenging.
As the day moved to a close I drifted back onto the easier runs of Decline and Skydive which still provided some untracked deep snow.
The day finished in the Griz then on to a hockey game between the pro patrol and ski school which the ski school looked like winning in the third period when we bailed to go to the pub for food and drink. A good fun charity event which was well attended and hopfully is the first of a long line of annual events. Minus 1 and light snow on the deck as I sit here.

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