Sunday, March 29, 2009

29th March

Day 97 was another good day. We didn't get the 20cms we were promised over night, in fact we we only got a dusting. We did wake up and find that near blizzard conditions which just got heavier as we drove to the hill and built up snow all morning. Hitting the new side we went as high as we could in Whitepass and found it was a two chair day - that is we could only see two chairs in front of us as we reached the top.
A couple of runs down Whitepass confirmed that seeing any further than your own skis was a bit of a challenge. We then kicked out on the County Line a few times to try Skydive and Decline which were untracked, wind blown and really nice. Lynda ran through Currie Glades and found much the same. First tracks (again) in Sib Ridge was good but the wind affected snow was from ice to knee deep and back again all the way down.
We worked out the North facing slopes would be best both from the point of view of no sun damage from yesterday and wind sift from today. This led to a couple of good results in Sykdive and Easter bowl ( the traverse out is getting very easy these days) and a final run before lunch through Stag leap was good in deep snow but with the now usual header from me when the down hill ski hit a death cookie - seems to be happening quite a lot these days.
In the afternoon I was invited by some buddies to join them in Fish bowl for some out of bounds skiing. Just to get it straight there is nothing wrong with going out of bound as long as you do it properly equipped and in an experienced group who are not going to take stupid risks. Un equipped idiots who go into Fish not understanding the risks ( and there are plenty of them) are just accidents waiting to happen.
Twice through Fish with the hike in and hike out was enough to finish me but the thigh deep untracked real powder made it all worth while - perhaps the best runs of the season. Just time for a quick trip back onto the new side to try Sib Ridge and the traditional final rip down Skydive both of which were covered in deep if tracked snow.
Forecasts varie so much I don't have any clue what to expect for the next few days but who cares if we can still keep skiing the hill as we are.

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