Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st April

Day 100 of the season (yippee) and this was no April fools day. At first it seemed like it would be the same as yesterday as we woke up to only 7 cms more overnight but heavy snow. As it was the snow died out pretty quick and we had morning sun which threatened to damage the snow but a clouding over late morning stopped the damage and gave us good snow improved by late afternoon flurries.
In the locker room there was a lot of old Fernie buddies getting ready to ski so working on the basis that they would be heading to the old side we headed to the new side. The new snow had done wonders to repair what was there and as the traffic had been low yesterday most of the new side was excellent deep snow skiing if not awesome untracked powder.
Although today was not quite as good as yesterday it was probably my best day's skiing this year and in terms of how well I was skiing perhaps the best day ever. Just to show how personal this is we were riding the lift with a guy from Manitoba and when we asked if he was having a good day he say yes, much better than yesterday when we had all that deep fresh snow that was such hard work !!! Just goes to show.
Lynda and I had great fun in all the usual runs - Anaconda, Surprise, Sib Ridge, Easter bowl and Secret Chutes/Spinal Tap. Everything was good and deep with the north facing slopes really special.
I was intending to have lunch today but just as Lynda and I were heading off the hill I hitched up with my buddy Rob and his buddy Robert, both miners on their last day off for a while. We decided to go adventuring and had an awesome time. For some reason I was skiing out of my skin right over the skis and the steeper and gnarlier the situation the easier I was finding it. We took several very tight lines in Mitchy's, the tight chutes in Anaconda, and the usual stuff off Skydive and associated runs. As a first this season we climbed Cornice Chutes with the big jump off the cornice and later even got in Lone Fir which was steep and tight but full of deep snow.
Best fun was getting near Hells Gate ( of course we couldn't ski it as it was out of bounds) but we did ski the rope line as near as possible.
Awesome day, jumping into steep deep stuff and getting great results. On the deck it is minus 1 and snowing with more called for over night.
Just off to the ticket checkers party where we have an invite not because they think we are cool guys but because the party is next door and rule one of a party is to invite the neighbours to head complaints off at the pass. Tomorrow looks good.

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