Sunday, March 15, 2009

15th march

So day 83 turned out to be the best day of the season so far.
Overnight snow gave us 20cms of fresh but there seemed to be more in most of the bowls. The forecast was for the snow to turn to rain then stop. In fact it just snowed all day with base temps getting up to about +2 but most of the hill enjoying minus temps which kept the snow in good condition.
Started with good old fashioned Fernie powder chase off thr Deer and Bear chairs to ski loads of deep untracked snow off the old triangle as Cedar bowl was close down as low as Alpine Trail. Boom ridge and Linda's both provided good face shots with nice soft snow in Kangaroo. Mid morning we decided that the snow was getting a little heavy so we headed over the new side to check things out only to find that Currie bowl hadn't opened. Had lots of fun with Sib ridge, Surprise trees and Anaconda/Bootleg glades.
Took lunch at the Lost Boys cafe in the hope of a Currie opening but it was not to be. Conversations with buddies in the patrol confirmed that they were so busy dragging injured weekend warriors off the hill that they could not get the opening sorted, suits us as it means more un skied snow to trash tomorrow. Ended the day with an awesome rip down Anaconda after hiking the hump and taking the second chute. The entrance was a bit technical and as a result no one had skiied it so it was over the head face shots top to bottom once the first section had been negotiated.
Snowed hard all evening with the deck temp of about 0. The flakes hitting the hot tub whilst we drank beer were some of the largest I have seen. Tomorrow looking good as there must be getting on for 40 cms of fresh waiting for us in Currie when it opens.

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