Monday, March 16, 2009

16th March

So just to prove that even after 84 days of skiing on the hill today I can still make the wrong call of where to go and look for snow although in the event we still got some pretty good stuff.
With 15 cms of fresh overnight and 46 cms in the last 48 hours I decided that the best bet was for us to hang out on the new side and wait for Currie to be opened. The logic was that even if Currie didn't open for some time the snow would be good anyway. What I had failed to take into account was the damage done by the wind last night ( Our guest Dave was leaving today so didn't take much notice of what was going on outside last night after we got out of the hot tub at about 7 in the evening) so that the snow was not in great shape. Every thing around the top of Whitepass was very slabby such that it was one of those rare days when a bit of skier traffic actually improved the conditions.
The only good snow was skiers right on Siberia ridge protected by the trees, Surprise trees after the first two turns so under the protection of the trees and Anaconda Glades which was both wind protected and North facing. Spent the whole morning taking Anaconda one chute further each lap which gave some very steep and deep technical skiing.
About 1:30 the notice was posted that Currie wouldn't open today due to avi control so we hit the old side. From the outset I could see my mistake as all the snow on the old side was fantastic and deep although well skied over by the time I got there. All the usual runs off Cedar ridge proved good as did Boom ridge and finally Bear chutes with loads of soft snow. Only time for 3 loops through Kangaroo which was actually very soft and friendly.
Temps on the deck are still around zero and the forecast is calling for more flurries tonight which should give us another powder day tomorrow. So much to look forward to with tomorrow being Paddy's day, Wings night and the 3rd game of a best of 5 series between the Riders and the Nelson Leafs in the KIJHL semi finals where the Riders are 2-0 down and fighting for survival.

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