Thursday, March 19, 2009

19th March

Day 87 and a forecast for plus temps and flurries turning to rain which in the event turned out to be about right.
Lynda decided that with several days hard skiing under her belt and still carrying a steel plate and 6 screws in her leg as a result of last years break she would have the day off.
Despite what the official site said the Bear chair was not running first thing but to be fair it did get going by 11 o'clock. I decided to hit the old side and got good snow off Boomerang and Cedar ridges in all the usual places.
As the weather closed in I headed out to Gorby bowl with a view to taking it from top to bottom which I did twice. Not too many people ski the mid section of Gorby because of the gnarly mid section so the snow in that section is untracked as it was today. The trick is to take a little left then right shuffle just above the rock band which allows you to miss to worse of the rock band and finish up in lower Gorby.
In the afternoon I picked up my Thursday group where the objective is to have some adventurous skiing and took them to the new side. We found good snow in Siberia ridge and the Brain (twice) but encountered sun crust in Cougar glades and Surprise trees. As always we finished with a rip down Skydive which was nice and soft at the top but a bit rubbery towards the bottom.
By the end of the day we had light rain at the base of the hill and light snow from about half height to the top. Tomorrow could be a good day to start in Whitepass as the fresh snow line may just hold there. Still +2 on the deck.

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