Saturday, March 14, 2009

14th March

So day 82 was much warmer starting at about +1 and staying that way at the base for pretty much all of the day. Temps at the top of the hill were highs of -5 so the snow stayed in good shape all day. With flurries turning to rain in the forecast things were a bit worrying but in the event whilst the snow at the lower levels got a bit wet by the end of the day it could never be described as the R word.
The official RCR site announced this morning that the White pass chair had passed it's test yesterday and was running today which was true. It also said that the meat hook (Face Lift) was open today which was a "bonus". Perhaps it's just me but I don't really see the fact that all the lifts are open as being some kind of bonus to me as a customer, I rather think it is something that should be normal.
Off and on it snowed all day with a steady accumulation making the runs better as the day went on. Spent all morning off Cedar Ridge and Boomerang enjoying the wind sift and filling in. Of course this involved 5 trips through Kangaroo wiich for some reason had acquired a Marginal Conditions warning sign despite it skiing easier than it has done for 7 days.
Afternoon on the new side looping the county line and the front runs with a particularly nice run down Secret chutes with a right turn into Spinal Tap. The Anaconda/Bootleg run off the hill was getting some great untracked snow by second to last run and of course we finished off with a rip down Skydive which was free riding in what was by then quite deep snow.
Highlight in the bar was Dan throwing his beer all over everyone sat at the table, it must be the thought of 20 days off work that has got to him. Temp on the deck is 0and puking snow so tomorrow looks like it could be an old fashioned Ferni powder day.

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