Wednesday, March 18, 2009

18th March

Day 86 and a very good if not totally awesome day. The forecast called for flurries this morning turning to sun this afternoon so it came as no surprise to anyone that the morning turned into a bluebird day with flurries all afternoon. The 5cms overnight had restored most of the hill to pretty good conditions and with this in mind we went searching for fun.
Another old side start found us at the meat hook when it opened quite early and several cycles through the meat hook found good powder in the upper sections and not much traffic in the rest of Lizard bowl. Later we checked out Steep and Deep and Gorby which were starting to get heavy in the lower sections under the sun but still powder if a bit hard work. Kangaroo was nice in softening snow but will be ugly, ugly tomorrow when the tufted snow will have frozen over night but what ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
After lunch Lynda headed to the gym to work on her leg, I headed to the new side and RCR shut down the Bear chair all afternoon for unspecified reasons - after all why would you tell your paying customers what is going on. Luckily the numbers were so light that even with everyone heading for the new side things were not too bad.
With a bit of cloud cover the snow on the new side stayed in pretty acceptable conditions and just a bit heavy lower down. All the usual runs were tested and found to contain great soft snow which even when tracked skied well. The only problem was the number of bodies on the County Line traverse who think it is ok to stop on the traverse while they decide what they want to do - even managed to give me some verbal for skiing throgh them. Spinal Tap was particularly good to ski with the soft snow all sliding into the middle of the creek bed.
A few beers in the Griz then home to where it is +2 on the deck but it looks like it might be snowing on the hill. Outside the door the Aussie lads from next door are building a terrain park in the back yard so we should be getting lots of entertainment in the hot tub tonight.

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