Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 35 a day of confirmed awesomeness

In rained in town overnight and the rain turned to wet snow by the morning and kept on coming. As we drove to the hill it was -1 dropping to -2 when we got there and by then was snowing hard top to bottom. The snow report indicated 37 cms of fresh on top of the 18 we had yesterday and as it hosed down all day most of us reckon there had to be at least another 15 cms additional during the day, in summary an awesome powder day.

We decided to go high and stay high to avoid the effects of yesterdays wet snow low down so the New side it was. We were waiting in line at Timber at 10 to 9 and were on one of the very early chairs. White Pass wasn't running so we just had a totally untracked rip through Puff trees and Black Cloud in the deep powder which was awesome.

Next loop White Pass was open with the I bowl sign line closed and just like the last two days we ripped around the safe areas but this time in deeper powder than ever. Half way through the morning the sign line dropped and we looped Surprise Trees so many ways you lost count but always very straight line in the powder.

I decided not to stop for lunch but to ski through for a straight 7 hours as the conditions were so good. We dropped Triple Trees which was even deeper than yesterday so some of my buddies could stop for lunch. As we had to come up Timber we hiked into Siberia ridge which was great skiing all the way down but a bit testing on the powder covered bumps on the lower section. That got rid of the remainder of my buddies so I had the afternoon to myself.

The afternoon passed with a series of loops - Traverse into the second Knot chute and drop the steep shoulder in deep powder, take the Idiot Traverse out to Surprise Trees and take one of the thousand or so different lines down always looking for untracked in the tight tree lines, back to White Pass along Trespass Trail (once described by a buddy as the only run on the hill that is up hill in both directions). Sounds boring but that was all that happened all afternoon and funnily enough skiing the same run over and oaver again in awesomely deep powder isn't boring at all.

Final run back down Triple trees was just as good as it had been all day. Stacks of beer in the bar then a bit of shopping, mainly for hot shots for the hands with the forecast temp drop. Home now and laid out after 7 hours staright powder skiing. Too tired even for hot tub. Forecast has two more storm cycles in the out look. Things are looking good.

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