Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 33 Not awesome but still pretty good

Bit of a short report tonight as I have buddies round to have a hot tub, drink beer and celebrate having stuffed the Aussies out of sight in the cricket.

Today was a big warm up with temps of +1 on the way to the hill and -1 whan we got there with the hill claiming about 10 cms of fresh overnight. It was wet snow at the bottom and real snow at the top until early afternoon when we had a general clear up with valley temps rising to +3 and summit temps just about holding at minus temps.

We went to the New side on the grounds that high was good and found that we were right but due to the avi risk White Pass was not opened under the Knot chutes so we only had half of the upper slopes open but they were all awesome fresh powder.

We spent the morning looping the powder on what was open on White Pass and getting fresh tracks all over in nice powder always checking out the sign line to see if there was any chance of an opening. By lunch time nothing had happened so we went down via some very interesting lines into the trees where there didn't look to be lines but we trusted our luck and had the deepest snow so far this season.

After lunch we went back to the New side and this time got it just right as we arrived at the sign line just about 30 seconds after they dropped the rope. This led us to 6 loops out into Surprise going a little further each time, sometime having to cut a fresh traverse, and getting mostly fresh tracks all the way down to Trespass trail which had some pretty interesting drop offs onto the trail.

By this time it was getting a bit late and time for a dip into Anaconda Glades and Bootleg Glades which had plenty of untracked chutes if you were prepared to take the drops and incredible soft deep snow on the ski out.

Finished with one last loop in Surprise (still untracked in bits) and then Anaconda (second shoulder still untracked on the grounds it's vertical) followed by Bootleg - only ever do the first chute in these conditions and even then it was pretty lively.

Beer, more beer, more beer, hot tub, more snow in forecast.

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