Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 32 Gone Fishin'

And where better to go Fishin' than in the Fish Bowl where we were most of the day in awesome untracked powder but more of that later.

The hill reported 5 cms of fresh in the last 24 but I suspect most of that occured yesterday. There was also a fair amount of blow in and as we set of to the hill it was a balmy -9. During the day temps rose further to -3 and snow started late morning and continued ( heavy at times) until late afternoon. The result was that the already rather better than ok conditions got better still as the day went on due to a mix of new snow and blow in and resulted in very good day everywhere.

I had a plan - as the high Cedar Traverse had been closed yesterday I figured that if it was open today then everything from Snake Ridge and beyond would be fresh and untracked since yesterday morning. Much to my surprise the plan worked and after a warm up on Sun Up which proved a bit slabby with the blow in we headed out to the ski area fence and dropped Steep and Deep which lived up to it's name and only had a couple of tracks in so there was more than enough fresh untracked left for us.

Boom was a bit scratchy under the new snow and I am not sure if this was because the base had changed or it just seemed worse compared with the new snow. Next loop out we had intended to drop Redtree but on the way out as we approached Snake it just looked so good we couldn't resist and found the slight dip that runs above KC chutes was deep in the depression and totally untracked - good call.

Next time we ducked the fence and hit the Fish bowl and that was it for the rest of the day. Sometimes we hiked the high trail to get in and other times we just took the Cedar traverse and ducked the fence. Sometimes we took the Redtree hitch out and other times we went all the way to the bottom and hiked out. It was totally awesome fresh powder only lightly tracked in places and fresh untracked most of the time. Once we got hung up in the alders in the steep chutes mid bowl but a bit of shuffling around and we found our way into previously untracked chutes which were seriously deep.

All of this Old side activity meant 6 runs through Kangaroo which was a bit better than usual and in fact the roo was rather pleasant skiing all day with just a tricky drop on to the cat track to be handled.

After the final hike out of Fish bowl we noticed that it was 3:30 as we got on the Haul Back so it was a flat out dash along Cedar trail to the New Side, up Timber and White Pass just in time to get to Skydive in time for the tradition 4 o'clock rip. It was well worth it as Skydive was filled in with a load of fresh and a great free ride all the way down.

Would have been a perfect day if Canada hadn't given up 5 goals in the final period of the World Junior Hockey final to lose to Russia 5-3, what went wrong ? More snow in the forecast between now and Saturday and a big storm brewing for next week so things looking pretty encouraging.

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