Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 34 yesterday on steroids

It's a fair description of today which was very like yesterday but much,much more so.

I woke during the night to find it was raining and deck temps were about +1. By morning conditions hadn't changed but the precip had changed to a rain snow mix. As we drove to the hill temps dropped to -1 and the precip at the hill had reverted to a rain snow mix. For the rest of the day the precip continued as rain at the bottom and heavy snow at the top. The snow report said that there was 18 cms of fresh on the hill and by the end of the day a patroller buddy said that we had 30 cms during the day and as we came off the hill it was still coming.

We tried to start on the New side but they delayed loading due to avi risk. We went to
the Old side and ran down Boom which was deep and only partially tracked. Next was Boom ridge which was much the same but getting very claggy towards the base.......To be continued after we have hot tubbed with buddies............ Rob and Katie now gone so back to the blog. Kangaroo was a bit heavy but ok skiing - we then went to the New side to see what was open.

Just like yesterday White Pass was open but with a sign line across the top of the I bowl. We had several great loops through the Gun bowl and associated lower areas in deep hero snow powder. I had met up with (Canadian) Rob so Lynda had left us to go for a maxium boys rip and we took full advantage.

Late morning we were lined up as the sign line dropped and had an awesome powder chase under White Pass lift on the first round. After that it was just loops into Surprise trees (Anaconda stayed closed all day) taking fresh lines pretty much at will and with hero snow so the fall line was always the favoured option. To everyone's surprise Knot chutes opened ( I guess that patrol thought that having had to ski cut them to open the I bowl why not) and we hiked the first chute. Really nice deep powder - so nice in fact that I nearly missed the cliff markers for the Cheese Grater and had to do some hard traversing to get out of a tricky situation.

Finished the morning with a drop through what I think is called Triple trees ( help on this would be appreciated). Surprise Trees to Trespass Trail, drop the trees under that to Summer Road headin left/right then drop the next lot of trees to Summer Road heading right/left. Amazing skiing if you just had the balls to drop the skis in the fall line and trust that there would always be a way through somehow.

Afternoon back up the New side and just continued to cycle Surprise down to Trespass Trail as the snow continued to puke and fill in - people got very scarce towards the end of the day. A final run off through Triple Trees (?) again proved that fortune favoured the brave when it came to ripping the fall line.

Beers, hot tub, no hockey as were were too knackered and Rob and Katie round for a great evening. Here's hoping a semi jack knifes in the pass tonight to keep the crowds away tomorrow.

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