Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 105 and we get some more powder

Last night it rained and the temps were so warm that we assumed that the rain would have been almost to the top of the hill. When we woke we found that the snow/rain line was surprisingly low down the hill and the hill itself was reporting 11 cms of fresh so that it was an early start and waiting by the first lift to head up to the new side.

During the day the temps rose yet again to plus teens at the base so that by about 1 the soft snow was starting to get warm/soft on the south facing slopes and slush soft at the bottom. A little clouding over at the end of the day set up all soft surfaces on the south facing slopes. New snow amounted to 11 cms and the mid mountain snow base rose to 227 cms.

It was obviously a New side day so we started there. White Pass had a delayed opening for about 30 mins due to avi control so we just waited at the base. The first few runs were through Highline/ Heartland etc which were ok and of course untracked. Next we hit Anaconda and Bootleg, similarly untracked.

The rest of the morning was spent getting first or early tracks in Cougar Glades, Decline, Window chutes, The Brain, Skydive, Siberia ridge and Loan Fir and Easter bowl. All of these were excellent untracked skiing at the top and getting a bit chunky lower down.

Very late lunch didn't leave much time but we looped Anaconda/Bootleg 3 times taking a tougher chute in Anaconda each time and just like before getting great skiing followed by rather heavy snow. Last run of the day was down Skydive which was excellent with the snow starting to set up so that the base skied a little firmer than earlier in the day.

A good few beers then hockey watching the Ski School play the Ski atrol for charity. A good game which I have to guess that the Ski School won as they were winning when I left and I had to leave early as I had to come back and write this.

Goodnight from a highly beer affected reporter

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