Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 100 weird weather - how appropriate this season

So we got to day 100 but looking at the base runs this afternoon maybe we won't get a whole lot further even though we are supposed to have another 21 days plus a bonus weekend left.

Weather was really non weather up to midday. Last night it didn't rain or snow and it didn't freeze - deck temps of + 3 this morning. This morning temps fluctuated from +2 to +7 on the drive to the hill. It was overcast all day so no sun softening although the snow hadn't really hardened in the overnight. All in all a bit of a non weather day until lunch.

In the morning we went to the Old side on the basis that the lower areas would have benefited from the warm overnight temps and might be quite soft. This was partially successful with Kangaroo 4 times softening most of the way. Cedar ridge several ways down was patchy as was King Fir but a bit better than yesterday. Boom ridge was icey and you had to stay skiers right to get anything that felt like real snow. Boomerang itself was hard underneath and stayed so all morning. Even the trees in Cedar centre and the Gulch didn't offer much by way of soft.

Late morning we had light snow so we went for an early lunch. By the time we finished lunch it was raining quite hard at the base but we had reports of snow up in White Pass so a New side afternoon it was.

White Pass proved an excellent choice with fresh snow falling all afternoon so that by the end we must have had 5-10 cms of fresh in places with more building up all the time. We tried several runs back through White Pass which got better each time with the deepening snow and the base still fairly soft from plus temps. On a flyer we tried Surprise trees which proved to be so good that we did 2 more loops getting fresh tracks both times.

Just before 3 we tried Anaconda and found it the best of the lot with plenty of fresh. Faced with a long pole back to White Pass down Trespass Trail or a drop to the bottom we opted for the latter despite the rain at the base and still got back up for the traditional finish down Skydive which was now pretty deep at the top and untracked. The lower sections and the ski out were rain affected slush but that's Spring skiing for you.

Fingers cossed for the rain line to come down to base during the night and the precip to continue.

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