Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 101 just when you thought it was all over we get powder

As anticipated yesterday it snowed over night on the hill even though it fell as rain in the town all night. When we got to the hill today they were calling 13 cms of fresh and a base of 229 cms.

Now we have to understand that the powder had a very high moisture content making it a little heavy from the start. The rain line was around the base of Skydive so quite low down and the sun was out with temps rising so the powder was always going to be something to trash fast before it went to mush.

In fact it was a good old fashioned New side opening with White Pass open straight up and down with lots of fresh tracks to be had. As the morning developed Knot chutes opened as did the I bowl so more fresh tracks could be had through Surprise Trees. As always in these circumstances the final piece of the jigsaw was to open Currie Bowl with the low traverse out to Skydive.

We joined in the first goldrush down 1-2-3s which was nice and deep then dropped Bootleg which was also good to the bottom although getting a bit chunky down there. We then hit out on the low traverse doing Decline (second and third tracks in and soft going to chunky) Stag Leap ( ditto) The Brain ( ditto and very hard going in the lower trees) and Anaconda ( great soft snow hardly tracked) and Bootleg (softening) then time for lunch.

After lunch stayed on the New side ( Lift Line and Mitchy routes down to White Pass were good soft tracked all day) and hit out on the County Line and found all south facing stuff near melt point and heavy ( and I mean heavy) so going all the way round the corner out of the sun was the only game in town.

Secret Chutes were still soft and good and Spinal Tap was chunky but none the worse for that. Next attempt was Cougar Glades which was very soft all the way down and by the bottom it was very heavy and not all that much fun. Decline was still fairly untracked so I dropped into Window Chutes and found only two tracks in there neither of which had dropped the 6 ft drop off on the log (wimps). Dropped it and tracked out which was heavy at the bottom.

About this time it started to snow on the upper hill even harder than last night. Still may be going up there so who knows we may have another powder day tomorrow. Last run was down Skydive which by this stage was very good in the top but got a little crisper towards the bottom. Final run out was pure slush as was all the bottom of the hill.

Powder tomorrow ?

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