Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 71 powder, yes don't faint real powder

Yes we woke up this morning and found 11 cms of fresh and continuing mountain snow. It petered out by the afternoon by which it had probably added 3 or so more cms of pow. Temps were around zero, obviously it was overcast and the snow was a nice consistancy, light but able to support a ski. My guess was the overnight snow had been mountain snow so the higher you went the more there was and so we went new side big time.

Viz was socked in at the top of White Pass but the snow was great and skied more like 20 cms than the recorded depth. We decided to give White Pass loop a miss and just hit out on the County Line as many times as we could all day. First off I had to cut the Skydive traverse which is always a good sign. Put first tracks in Cougar Glades which was very good indeed. Next time round put first tracks in Stag Leap and the time after that second tracks in Decline - where are all the people.

Spent the rest of the morning hiking Lone Fir which by a strange irony was probably the most skied part of the hill we found with the bottom of the chute still pretty slick from previous scrapings. Easter and Spinal Tap provided plenty of fresh although I was beaten into the latter by two snow boards who to be fair did ride it properly with no side slipping so not too much damage. For a change cut back into Anaconda which was tracked but deep and Bootleg near trees which only had one board track in them. Finished off before lunch with a rip down Skydive which had been skied but had plenty of untracked if you were prepared to navigate around a bit on the way down.

After lunch we tried one of those short stop drops with me taking Barracuda and Lynda taking Currie creek. Both had tracks but the snow seemed to have folded into the gullies more than in other parts of the hill so we had what could only be described as deep powder. Ran out the rest of the afternoon on Window chutes ( log drop off still 6 ft but at least a soft landing) Secret chutes (untracked) the Brain ( mostly untracked and loads of fun in the tight trees in the lower sections) and the a couple of loops through Surprise Trees which still had plenty of fresh.

As always finished off with the traditional rip down Skydive without another sole in sight. beers in the Griz bar followed by stocking up booze for our irish visitors arriving tomorrow. Flurries called for tonight.


  1. First tracks in Stag Leap my arse :o)

  2. Yup, I seem to remember you were sitting on your arse 5 turns in as Lynda and I came past and took the next 55 turns untracked.