Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 67 Superbowl Sunday

As always on Superbowl Sunday things are a little quieter on the hill as folks head off for tailgate parties, game parties etc. You could pretty well read yesterdays report and it would have been good for today as the conditions were much the same, the reason for staying on the Old side was much the same (junior freeski on the New side on Concussion) and as a result the areas of the hill skied didn't differ much.

The day was overcast and threatening flurries which never materialised. Temps were a bit warmer than yesterday rising to +1 at the base ( turning the lower snow a bit rubbery) and staying at about -2 at the top. Cedar Knob was open for hiking but the snow with all the avi trails never really looked worth the hike but if we don't get any new snow who knows how desperate I will get.

The snow had lost some of it's lightness and was heading back towards chunky but no where near as heavy as it was a couple of days ago. The result was everthing on the old side was skiable with a bit of care and the snow moved well under the skis as long as you skied the hill and didn't let the hill ski you.

Just like yesterday we worked Cedar ridge then hit out on Snake to get the "fresh' snow. Steep and Deep a couple of times but with the exit on the left proved very enjoyable. Just for a change we took the nearside of Snake and then dropped into KC chutes for the first time this season through the deep central gully. The way in was a bit tight but then it was just edge to edge jumping all the way down in soft snow. A good heart and lung work out which was so much fun that we did it again.

After a late lunch lunch just kept looping through Gorby bowl trying to find different ways down and track down some untracked snow. Found it by hitting left into the trees between Gorby and Steep and Deep which was tight, steep but untracked. Great skiing even if the ski out into the lower bowl was a bit technical and not for the faint hearted.

The Kangaroo count today was 10 times and perhaps word is getting out as I didn't see anyone else in there all day. Finished yet again with Boom and Buckshot so tomorrow has to be a New side day just to keep things in balance.

Back in the Griz bar tonight for a few beers with some guys from New Brunswick who are off heliskiing this week. Early night at home watching Superbowl, the best bit of which was The Who at half time. Hot tub, beer, and bed.

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