Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 70 where was everyone ?

As always the day dawned overcast with no snow overnight and temps just above zero at the base and below up top. Where it differed from every other day in living memory was that when it got to the hill it started to snow, not much but enough. A quick assessment of the situation led me to believe ( correctly as it turned out) that this was mountain snow which would just get heavier as you went higher and with this in mind we hit the new side and stayed there all day.

The forecast had called for sun and cloud in the morning turning to snow in the afternoon so it came as no surprise to anyone that it snowed in the morning and went to sun and cloud in the afternoon. Snow was steady but not heavy so it accumulated about 5 cms during the day which wasn't fantastic but just enough to give the hill a fresh look and feel.

What was strange about today was that whilst there seemed to be the usual number of people about ( maybe a few more) everywhere you went the snow was untracked - even allowing for the fact that it was filling in. The only explanation is that whilst people were here, for reasons known only to themselves, they decided not to ski any of the good stuff. Let me explain .....

Took Timber chair only to find that White pass chair was broken down for an hour, again !! Looped waiting and put first tracks in Black Cloud and Siberia ridge. When WP opened put first tracks in the Gun bowl then first tracks back under the lift line. After that it was Highline Trees, Idiot traverse, Surprise Trees near side, Surprise Trees far side, Anaconda and Bootleg Glades all first track. Lets not get carried away this wasn't deep powder but it was better than we had been having and no one else was there.

After that on to the County Line with Concussion far side, Cougar Glades, Cornice chute and Barracuda all untracked or at worst with one other track down the side. A late lunch followed.

In the afternoon did the county line with Stag Leap (untracked) Decline and Window chutes (untracked after the shoulder on Decline) Secret chutes and Spinal Tap ( both untracked) and a final run down the Brain ( untracked).

A good day but I am still puzzled that with that many people on the hill ( the Day Lodge was packed at lunch time) how come no one had skied the good stuff. Can't work it out but just grateful they didn't and fingers crossed for more flurries in the next 24.

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