Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 69 more of the same

As I said yesterday the weather doesn't seem to show any sign of changing soon. Today, like yesterday (and the day before, and before, and before etc.) it was overcast, no new snow, temps hovering around zero, hill in ok shape etc.

With all this in mind we went to the old side to see if anything had changed which it hadn't really. The Sunny side shoulder showed that the bumps were still firm but taking an edge. We were testing our skis which we had put in last night for a wax and edge ( minus the 10 bucks voucher) to see what sort of job they had made and actually they had made a pretty good job.

All the usual places on the old side were tested, Cedar ridge all ways, Boomerang, Linda's and further out into Steep and Deep, Gorby, Snake Ridge and the deep gully in KC chutes. The skiing everywhere was firm and tracked with bumps but good challenging stuff. About 6 trips through Kangaroo proved that either the skiing was getting easier or we were geting better.

After lunch we went to the new side and found conditions much the same. Trips through Stag Leap, Cougar Glades and the Brain all of which were good but tracked at the top and a bit firm at the bottom. Just for a change I hiked Knot Chutes, then dropped one, traversed into two, a quick turn then traversed across three and finally a long traverse on the ridge line into Gotta Go for the first time this season. Dropped over the ridge line into Gotta Go and stayed right to find fresh tracks and deciding not to take the easy way out with the left traverse I dropped the chute to the right and found more fresh in the steep pitches above 3 of the 1-2-3 pitch.

Finished up with a loop through Surprise Trees then a rip down Skydive at the end of the day which was firm bumps but really nice skiing.

Wings night at the pub and an early night in anticipation of Irish sailing buddies arriving on Friday.

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