Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 43 Knot Chutes 5 Kangaroo 4

No, the title isn't a hockey score (although it sounds like it), it is the tally of the mornings workout on the new side verses the afternoons workout on the old side - but I am getting ahead of myself.

Today was very much a rerun of yesterday. It rained all night in town (again) but the temps were only just plus so we weren't without hope when we headed for the hill (again). The differences were that temps at the hill were a little lower (+3 at the base, -1 at the top), we had a little more fresh (?) at 14 cms, the rain/snow line was a bit further down the hill ( just above the Bears Den on the old side and at the foot of the Black Cloud cold sink on the new side) and last but not least the base had set up rather more firmly so that under the 14 cms it was quite firm. For the record the base had increased to 214 cms.

The result was very much like yesterday which was some really good skiing in places and in any event much better than we expected. Hit the new side and found Currie and Anaconda closed. Currie stayed shut all day so the opening is very well anticipated tomorrow. I am told that Anaconda opened about 3 and was very good powder if a bit heavy.

Put some early loops through Surprise Trees which were very acceptable and having trashed all the near parts they opened Knot Chutes. Spent the rest of the morning hiking Knot Chutes (5 times), dropping them several different ways which were all awesome powder and the only problem was slough management. Each loop included heading further out into Surprise until just before lunch we were really out in the boonies near the top of Diamond back - all untracked. Problem here was the number of people wanting to hike the chutes so I always had some young fit guys and girls pushing me so that I had to do the hike in one every time - I'm getting too old for this.

After lunch hit the old side and was surprised and pleased at what I found. Lizard high traverse was cut off just beyond Arrow and Cedar was only open from Alpine way to just this side of Snake ridge. The obvious choice was to try many differnt ways down Cedar ridge/King Fir where the snow was ok powder at the top and a bit heavy at the bottom. Each loop came back through Kangaroo which because of it's low altitude was mushy to say the least.

Last run was down through Boom bowl which still had some untracked areas, a long the Goat track and then down Buck Shot to ski out on Cedar Trail.

Just like yesterday not fantastic powder ( except Knot Chutes) but a very nice day skiing mostly fresh snow with a slightly varied surface. Best memory was dropping the second Knot Chute and the down hill ski throwing out waves of powder which was picked up by the strong up draft and blown back in my face and over my head - I love that. Be preparared for a curtailed report tomorrow due to hockey ( v Creston Valley Thunder Cats) go Riders go.

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