Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 44 not quite awesome but not far off

Today was supposed to be the warm spike with valley temps of +7 and then a long cooling period. Only a little rain in the town overnight giving 5 cms of fresh on the hill and temps at the hill getting up to about +5 at the base but below zero (just) at the top.

Pretty well everyone in the know headed to the new side as with not too much new snow there had to be good chance of Currie bowl opening with about 30 cms of new stuff since it was last opened. The day startedwith the bowl closed but hopful sounds of explosions coming from the general direction of 1-2-3s.

Ripped up Surprise Trees getting first tracks about 4 times by going further each time. The snow was untracked but not paricularly deep and quite firm underneath. Next stop was Knot chutes for a couple of hikes which were much better with deep soft snow top to bottom and enough new to create some slough problems. Then they opened Currie.....

That was pretty much it for the day, no lunch, no stopping, no friends, just loop after loop into mostly untracked powder which got a bit soggy at the bottom. Ran Concussion ( the steep way) hiked Cornice chute to see if Lone Fir was open (it wasn't) so dropped Cornice bowl then short traversed and put first tracks in Cougar Glades. Stag Leap, Skydive and Decline all followed and all were only lightly used.

Another trip into Decline opened up the chance of dropping into Window Chutes that were totally untracked and with the drop off over the log now only about 5ft it was easy except for the last few turns in the soft.

Tried Lone Fir one more time and was rewarded to see only one track in belonging to the patroller who had just opened the chute. An awesome run in deep powder surfing your own slough followed by a hard cut right to take in Spinal Tap which was also fine except for the last few turns. Headed back up the ridge and dropped the chute one beyond Loan Fir ( Trap Meadow I think) and after cutting right through the trees hit left into the steep tight chute at the bottom which was untracked and, yes, awesome - just beat my massive slough down which was just as well as it would have taken me and several others out.

Last run of the day was a traditional rip down Skydive which as it had started to snow quite hard at the top had filled in nicely. Raining at the bottom which contributed to me breaking through in the last turn and stacking it big time as a finish to the day.

About + 2 and raining with cooling temps called for and possibly quite a snow event on the hill tonight. Fingers crossed.

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