Thursday, April 9, 2009

9th April

Day 108 and another bluebird day, but before that a few words on hotdog day.
Yesterday was an awesome Hotdog day which was cool at first with some high level cloud but this quickly dispersed and we had a scorcher with highs of +16. When we arrived at the hill everyone was turning up in retro gear. Signs at the base of the lifts reminded us that alcohol was banned from the hill which as we had either stashed huge supplies up the hill or had plenty of hiding places about our persons did not seem to have too much effect. We started with a traditional European start of 2 beers at 11 o'clock on the deck of the Lost Boys cafe. By the afternoon we had a gathering of about 200 in full retro gear on Wallaby drinking beer and doing crazy jumps off a kicker that had been built there.
After skiing we gathered in the Griz bar first for more beer and then headed down to the Corner Pocket for more fun. Best entertainment was couple who did not realise that they could be seen by all in the bar and headed into the snow banks by Lizard Creek to get to know each other better. The whole bar was treated to the view of these two humping unaware that they were being cheered on by about 300 drunks in the bar. Jug of beer to anyone who can provide the names of the couple concerned. More beer then home.
Things were a bit quiet on the hill today for obvious reasons. The old side started hard but softened quickly in the sun and was almost slushy in Boomerang, Boom ridge and Kangaroo. For some reasoon Cruiser was boiler plate ice with some pretty random grooming which stayed hard all morning. Once again a day for staying on the groomers and then timing your run onto to the off piste to get the corn snow before it becomes slush.
The new side didn't seem to have softened so much perhaps due to a cold wind that sprung up and usually indicates a change in the weather. Lift Line was quite icy annd not easy skiing. After lunch we tried the 123 - Bootleg glade ski off the hill 3 or 4 times and the surface was crust which softened in the parts where it was sunny. The rest of the afternoon was spent surfing the liquid snow in Gun bowl and finding a variety of ways to run back to White pass.
Quiet night tonight even if Lynda is celebrating day 80 today ( that broken leg has taken a bit of a toll this year) back on the hill tomorrow.

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  1. Wow Fernie looks fun!
    Whens best to come for the beer and the girls!