Monday, April 6, 2009

6th April

And for day 105 you can pretty well read yesterday's blog. Super spring skiing on a bluebird day where the temps started at -5 and got up to +15 by mid afternoon. With dejavu being the order of the day Lynda decided to take the day off so I found myself thrown onto the hill with all day to amuse myself.
Just as yesterday I rolled round the old side on groomers waiting for the sun to soften the off piste so it could be skied. Lower North ridge got soft before 10 which was even earlier than yesterday. Boomerang was the first to be tested and it proved ok on the high traffic right side. Boom ridge was a bit challenging and I was surprised to see, after I had skied it, 4 guys skiing down as I was riding up making a half way decent job of it - I later discovered that they were visiting German ski instructors which accounts for why they could handle the situation. Meeting up with some buddies we did Boom ridge one more time by which time it was just perfect. Managed to find about 6 powder turns in Cedar ridge on a couple of trips down there And of course Kangaroo was challenging but fun both times through - no one came in with me.
In the afternoon we teamed up with a few more and hit the new side. Snow was more mushed up than ever and serious off piste skiing in the usual terrain wasn't much of an option although I guess we could have done it to prove a point even if the fun factor would have been low. In the event we looped several times on 1-2-3 which I thought was ok but to be fair this was a minority view. Ski out was either by the Gilmar trail, the gully to the left of the trail or Diamond Back ridge which was getting a bit scratchy a the bottom.
In summary the hill is starting to fall apart a bit with Snake ridge closed due to instability and every thing else is turning to deep deep slush if exposed to the sun in the afternoon. Even though things set up each morning there is a lot less snow to go round each day and stumps, rocks and other junk is starting to show through. The season end looks like it is going to be coming next week at just about the right time.
The day ended with a very pleasent day spell on the locals deck drinking beer and chatting about skiing with my buddies. Tomorrow looks like groundhog day to me.

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