Saturday, April 11, 2009

11th April

So we arrived at day 110 and the day of the PPP ( of which more later) and it was another bluebird day clouding over in the afternoon and even giving up some light rain.
As usual for a late season Saturday we went for one long session coming off the hill early at about 2 o'clock. This means only 5 hours skiing rather than the usual 6 you get from skiing 9-4 with an hour for lunch but at this end of the season and in the current conditions who cares.
We started on the old side and stayed mainly on groomers in Lizard and Cedar bowls waiting for the softening which started just before 11 which was the start of the PPP. This is the Powder Peddle Paddle which is a four legged relay race. It starts with a down hill ski leg from the top of Cedar to the base. The next leg is a bike section down into the town ending by the river bridge. Third leg is a canoe race down the Elk river back to the base of the hill then a running leg up through Timberline Crescent to the day lodge. Some do it as a team while others do all 4 legs themselves (respect Wade) and there are various categories for prizes. We watched the start which is a mass start run up about 100 metres then get the skis on and get going. After the start we skied down the race track behind the competitors and turned into Boomerang bowl and ridge which we skied several times in ideal softening conditions as big hard bumps with soft surfaces.
As the old side softened we moved over to the new side to try and take advantage of what we hoped would be cooler conditions. Things were warmer than yesterday and it wasn't lomg before gun bowl was slush and even Highline and Heartand were getting soft underneath as well as on top. Just like yesterday I went out along the County Line to Skydive and found it softer than yesterday but skiable - a bit like Stag Leap was yesterday. Decline was more like yesterday's Skydive so I did it twice.
Went for a late lunch on the deck at Rip'n'Richard's but it clouded over so just spending the early evening chilling out with a few beers and a hot tub.

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