Friday, April 10, 2009

10th April

Day 109 and a very very Good Friday it was as well but first another pic from hotdog day by popular request giving a good feel of what it was like on Wallaby.
Today was an amazingly good day due to a stroke of luck but more of that later. We headed to the hill this morning with temps at -2 with a forecast for a bluebird day turning to plus teens which is more or less what it worked out to be.
This being the first day of the holiday weekend things were a bit busier. Of course when we say busy we don't mean European busy - we didn't have to line up for lifts or anything like that ( I love Canadian skiing) but there were more people on the hill.
As with most of the last week we started on the old side with a few runs down the groomers in Bear and Cedar waiting for the hill to soften. Temps rose pretty quick and it wasn't long before we were doing loops off Cedar ridge and Kangaroo and then Boom ridge and Boom bowl then back to Bear again. The off piste was turning to slush but we managed to get some good runs, once or twice a little early so we got kicked around a bit by the refrozen crud and sometimes a bit late so it was heavy, but overall pretty good.
Around midday we headed to the new side to check things out before lunch. A couple of runs through White pass in Highline/Heartland/Gun bowl were good but there was some evidence of a colder feel with the surface setting up rather more than usual. With this in mind I took the risk on the last run before lunch and headed out along the County Line to Skydive which is normally my favourite run although I haven't risked going out ther for the past few days. The result was outstanding - the top of Skydive was steep icy bumps but then if you can't ski those then you shouldn't be up there in the first place. After that it was great with a firm base and soft snow surface in the sun and nice crisp stuff that was taking a good edge in the shade.
After lunch encouraged by the great result of the morning I just cycled Stag Leap, Skydive, and Decline twice each ( three hours skiing) with all of them giving excellent "real" skiing on a firm base with a slightly variablr surface on great undulating terrain. Last run down Skydive just like normal skiing - the best skiing we have had for at least 7 days.
Hope this holds out for tomorow but the way things go it could be all change. On the deck tonight a couple of buddies confirmed that they had been on Skydive 2 days ago and it really sucked and that today they tried Bootleg which was excellent yesterday and today it was no good. So today I had a lucky day, couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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