Friday, March 13, 2009

13th March

I hadn't realised this was Friday the 13th but I did know it was day 81 on the hill. Luck seems to be with us as last night the Riders beat the Nitros 5-1 to take the divisional title. KIJHL semi final play offs start in Nelson on Saturday against the Leafs so we will have some more play off hockey back in town next week. Also - surprise surprise Whitepass reopened today even if it was 11:30 before the chair was running. A good buddy of mine has a meeting with RCR management over the question of refunds and I will publish the result as soon as it is know.
The temps were much warmer today starting at -10 and getting up to +5 at the base ( about 0 at the summit) as the day wore on. The forecast was for some flurries but in the event it was a bluebird day from start to finish.
We hung out on the new side all morning waiting for news of Whitepass during which time we tried Sib ridge, Lift Line ( all the way down) Mitchy chutes, Black Cloud and Diamond Back. Mitchy's were particularly nice with fresh blow in but Diamond Back had been vandalised by groomers so the only good snow was skiers right in the chopped up powder all the way down.
As soon as Whitepass opened we hit the County Line and were a little disappointed to find the Saddles closed. Out beyond that everything was good but as the day worn on the more South facing slopes got heavier. Decline, Stag Leap, Skydive, Cougar Glades were all untracked at the top with some signs of wear lower down where the area had been hiked in the last 7 days. Runs of the day were Secret Chutes into Spinal Tap and Anaconda Glades then the tree Chutes of Bootleg glades.
Great day of skiing from 9-4 with no breaks and a lot of semi fresh powder to trash. About 6 skiing partners dropped out during the course of the day so that by the end of the day I was on my own skiing Skydive - awesome.
Best gag of the last 24 hours was this weeks guest Dave being asked by some UK visitors how his mother was ( she's dead) turned out they were talking about Ellen his sister that they skied with last year. Sorry Ellen we couldn't make this stuff up.

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