Thursday, March 12, 2009

12th March

Day 80 and yipee the average cost of skiing drops below $12.50 per day.
Starting conditions were about -20 rising to -2 during the day in a perfect bluebird day. Forecast is for warmer still, but lets see.
After a quick rip down Bear we played up above the Meat Hook and eventually traversed out into Spinal Tap for a bit of a challenge. All the snow is chopped up powder but in pretty good condition due to the low temps. With no one else to play with Lynda and I skied all over the old side having some good second hand powder with the best skiing still out in Gorby bowl.
After lunch skied with Rob (buy you boat trailers from Hayling Trailers) and we checked out the new side as we had heard a whisper that Whitepass would be opening. Fact was that after one run straight back under Timber which was quite good fun they close the lift so that they could finish the repair to Whitepass with all the power off from the new side. Latest report is that the patrol are staffing for a Whitepass opening tomorrow so we have to be optimistic.
The rest of the afternoon was spent out in Gorby which was great in quite deep snow except for an encounter with some alders. We also had fun in Boom ridge which is a bit bumpy but quite soft either left or right. The Kangaroo count today was also 5 times and as it is now skiing quite hard ice bumps this is becoming something of a personal choice.
Ghostriders 3-1 up in the series for the division champs so just off to so if we can finish it tonight.

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