Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 116 Happy Hot Dog Day

For those who don't know, we hold Hot Dog day every year (usually on the first Wednesday in April) to celebrate the movie Hot Dog. If you have never seen this movie it is a dreadful 1980's offering which is a mixture of skiing and soft porn. We celebrate by dressing in 1980's ski gear, skiing round the hill pulling some pretty stupid tricks (the one day of the year that we don't wear helmets) and getting unbelievably drunk despite the official line that no alcohol is allowed up the hill.

Today was overcast in the morning and stayed cloudy off and on all day with the occasional rain drops coing out of the clouds. Day time temps got to +12 so the chances of any precip coming down white was pretty remote.

I was amazed putting on my old Killy one piece ski suit which must have been bought in the late 1980's just how warm it was and it did cross my mind that if we do get cold weather next year maybe the red one piece could make a guest appearance to keep me warm - who knows.

I had a few trips round Bear, Arrow and other parts of Lizard to check the conditions and found that despite coditions being overcast things were softer than during the past few days. I went to the New Side and took two trips up Polar Peak before they closed it - I was told that only 6 of us had been up all morning, 4 had down loaded and I was the only one who took a double loop. The truth was that although it was socked in at the top and the only advertised way down was Polar Coaster the skiing was ok soft bumps. At the top of the Polar Coaster there was a sign saying "Marginal Conditions, Skiing not recomended" which gave me a laugh as in the words of the movie I thought " Ok,where to Butch". The warning was fair as the first few turns of the Coaster were quite rocky but after that things were ok - second time up I was told they were closing.

I went to the Old Side and had few runs down North Ridge and the lower part of Kangaroo - the closed signs were only in the top and the second section skied nicely, I can't help but think that the top section woud have been just as good had we been allowed to ski it. I did check out Wallaby which was starting to get rowdy as the crowds were gathering - lunch.

After lunch we just looped Wallaby/ North Ridge/ Cruiser/ Cedar Centre/ Emily's etc which were all in pretty good shape as the cloud cover was preventing the snow from softening too much. Skiing wasn't really the business of the day and we all ended up on Wallaby each loop to watch/take part in the crazy stunts and jumps. After several loops we headed to base ratherv early to guarantee a place in the Griz Bar - actually about 3:30.

Things worked out well and we got seats in the bar, met up with friends, all in Hot Dog gear, and drunk far too much beer and Jagermeisters to celebrate the day. I have decided not to head to the Pub for a showing of Hot Dog the movie as I am not sure I would make it so it will be a quiet night in and then hope for normal service to be resumed tomorrow.

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