Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 76 a very short report

The reason for the short report is that my Irish buddies got me to drink a lot of Kokanee in the Griz tonight. We then went to my buddies Rob and Katie who had just got back from seeing The Who in Vegas and drank more beer and then hitched up with my new guests just arrived from the UK and who brought two bottles of Jamesons Irish Whiskey.

There was no new snow and the temps were cold at -9 on the way to the hill but got up to plus temps in the sun on a bluebird day. Skiing was hard and bumpy. We went to the Old Side and found some soft in KC chutes, Snake Ridge and Gorby Bowl.

On the New Side I just looped all the tight trees stuff I did yesterday and had great tight steep tree skiing with a lot of untracked snow. The steeper and tighter you go the less tracks there are.

Had a great rip down Skydive at the end. Oh, somewhere in there I did give Polar Peak try which was hard, bumpy and just an accident waiting to happen if you didn't take care.

Too pissed to remember anything else - a better report will follow tomorrow.

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