Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 75 well if you call 1 cm new snow we have had some

Over night they called 1 cm of new snow which usually means there is rather more up on top. In the event there seemed to be rather more snow lower down and on top there was either no new snow as it had been swept away by an overnight wind event of there was some accumulation resulting from where the wind had dropped the snow.

It was +3 on the way to the hill and got up to +5 during the day at the base. Even up at White Pass it was around zero during the afternoon. The weather fluctuated from blue skies at times to overcast and socked in even with a bit of light flurry activity around lunch time. The result was that the surface stayed in ok condition with no really bad sun affected areas. As the Old Side was given over to kids racing we had a New Side day. It panned out as -

Polar Peak/Stag Leap - we had hoped that the wind would have blown some sift in to the Polar chutes. We were wrong they were hard, slick and only just taking an edge. We had quick drop down Pappa Bear before heading out to Stag Leap which was quite firm but with a soft covering of windsift.
Secret Chutes/Spinal Tap - all nicely covered with sift but firm underneath.
Decline/Window Chutes - just as above.
Lone Fir/Easter Bowl - a lot of sift had blown in Lone Fir and only one track had been in. It was good and soft in the chute and in the fan with nice firm skiing in Easter Bowl.
The Brain right side - no one had been in so the sift was quite soft and deep. By holding tight to the creek bed shoulder I was able to find some untracked snow.
Cougar Glades/Stag Leap - as usual by taking the very tight tree line to the left you could find some untracked lines. Stag Leap was as before.
Trees between Stag and Skydive - today I held the right to avoid the open section in the middle and got some great tight lines in untracked snow through the trees. The final cut out in to Stag was very near the bottom.
The Brain left side - just like yesterday this was super steep and very tight in the trees with the result that there was loads of untracked lines.
Trees between Stag and Skydive - this time we held the left side very near Skydive itself and to the left of the creek bed. Although steep and very tight with dead fall the skiing was amazing untracked deep powder all the way down. We made it to the cat track by the Elk chair which is the longest tree drop I have managed this season. Deep powder 7 days after a storm can't be bad.

Skydive to finish as usual and it was bumps in the top and actually quite bumpy and firm all the way down. Of course we did it top to bottom in one and then went for some beer. Still no snow in the outlook and the temps are unseasonably warm. It looks like I may be spending a few more days in the tight trees.

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