Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 73 another good day

I'm kind of running out of things to say as yet again we had a day of no new snow, overcast conditions, a reducing base (this time to about 253 cms) but some great skiing in the snow which has stayed in good condition with temps staying at or about just below zero all over the hill all day.

As some guests had arrived we spent the day showing them around and as a result put a bit less snow than usual under the skis during the day. Of course they were over the moon that the hill was covered in snow and we could ski wherever we wanted which in their opinion meant that the conditions were awesome. It's as well sometime we are remineded of what others have as their bench marks for skiing conditions which are always well behind what we have in Fernie, As if to prove the point the weekend crowds were way down so there were no lift lines and it appears that Calgary is becoming as picky about fresh snow as the Fernie regulars.

We went to the Old Side and had good skiing on Sunny Side shoulder before heading out. After that it was Boomerang, Buck Shot, Cedar Ridge several ways, Linda's, King Fir, all of which was good but with some chunky stuff in lower Linda's - also a groomer pushed up there, what have we got to do to stop these guys.

Just before lunch we took a hitch out to Steep and Deep which was a bit softer than two days ago. This prompted a debate as over the past few days in conditions which have been fairly unchanging we have seen conditions in various runs go from awesome to crap and back again and vice versa, We have no explanation as to why these changes are taking place and it seems to all of us that something much more than just skier traffic is in play but we can't work out what.

All returns (four) were through Kangaroo which was, as you would expect, icey, bumpy, tough and great fun. After a late lunch we headed for the New Side.

We looped out through White Pass and Polar Peak and found that the bumps in Polar Chutes were hard, steep and with a life threatening penalty if you got it wrong but actually taking a nice edge and pretty relaxing bump skiing as long as you paid attention. Much easier than the drop into Concussion which was tough icey refrozen crud most of the way down

Next loop into the Polar chutes seemed even easier which was strange as the light was flattening. We then went out to Easter which was probably the best snow on the hill with soft bumps all the way down.

We just had time for two Surprise Trees loops off White Pass which were probably some of the most technical skiing on the hill, before heading out the Skydive for the final rip. On Skydive now the bumps in the top are getting pretty steep, the mid section is nice skied in soft snow and the lower section is hard ribby bumps which strangely to me seem to be the best bit of the whole run.

Far too much beer to start a quiet night in with even more beer and Hockey Night in Canada on TV, looks like a good night.

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