Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 74 a quiet Sunday

And it was a quiet Sunday, in fact I have known quieter week days, no crowds, no line ups, in fact no nothing.

I said yesterday it's getting hard to say anything new in the unchanging conditions and as we had yet another day of no change it is becoming even more difficult. No new snow overnight, temps of about -4 at the start but rising to low plus temps at the base during the day and about zero on top. The conditions were overcast all day so the snow stayed in ok shape and we even had some flurries which didn't give any accumulation to my way of thinking.

The top of the hill was socked in so much so that the Polar Peak chair remained closed all day due to poor viz. The poor viz line worked it's way down the hill during the day so that even the top of White Pass was very white and the ski out across Currie to the Reverse Traverse was a bit of a blind descent at least for the first part.

We decided to go to the New Side for the day so I have no news from the Old Side. We just looped all day off the top of White Pass to the base and what we got from my beer affected memory was -

Easter Bowl - very nice soft bumps with some wind sift in between the bumps.
Skydive - getting hard bumps in the top, soft bumps in the middle and rather ribby down the bottom which for some reason seems to ski pretty well.
Cougar Glades - nicely hard packed in at the top and the snow lower down stating to dry out and get a little lighter.
Anaconda Glades - a bit chunky but ok.
Bootleg Glades - difficult to avoid the death cookies pushed in by the groomers (don't get me started) but after that some ok hard packed skiing.
Stag Leap - as usual a bit more untracked because of the tree entry at the top which still had some untracked lines. Great skiing all the way down with some hard work through the alders in the bottom section.
Decline - nicely bumped up all the way down and ok soft bump skiing.
Spinal Tap - surprisingly good with great fun to be had jumping from the right hand shoulder into the creek bed and back again all the way down.
Window Chutes - inspired by Spinal tap we gave this a go and found a surprisingly large amount of soft snow. The log drop was pretty well non existant and the ski out which looked as if it was an avi chute was acutually quite soft and taking an edge and the avi debris underneath was fairly easy to negotiate.
Alpha Centauri - soft blow in, at least that's what Lynda tells me.
Stag Leap - just like the time before - very good.

We had dropped from Timber top each time in different ways, mostly Lift Line but Puff Trees and Michy Chutes were also tried and all were good packed bumps with some ridge line blow in.

Final rip down Skydive found it in better shape than earlier in the day although it's difficult to say exactly how, perhaps we were just getting better at it. So all in all a great days skiing in tough conditions with no new snow but good coverage. I dare say that those looking for easy skiing would not agree with this conclusion but let them - this is my opinion and I stand by it.

No new snow so it looks like same old, same old tomorrow.

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