Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 42 what an awesome surprise

The first thing to say is that at day 42 the average cost of skiing drops below 20 bucks a day subject to tax) and today we certainly had our 20 bucks worth. Missed the first couple of runs of the day because I was having the foam blown in the new custom boots so some of this is second hand from Lynda - the boots should be ready for a final fit tomorrow.

It snowed overnight but it didn't look anything special and arriving at the hill there seemed to be a few cms of hard crusty ice affected snow. It was obvious to go high and we were very skeptical of the claim of 17 cms of fresh but to our amazement the snow was there and whilst it had fairly high moister content giving it the quality of hero snow it was great.

Better still around 11 it started to puke a mix of grappel and snow and this continued throughout the day, hard at times, and only stopped at about 3 in the afternoon. It snowed so hard that your tracks were filling in as fast as you skied them and often later in the day you arrived at slopes which you knew had been skied but which appeared untracked.

The first few runs were back through White Pass which Lynda tells me were great as was Surprise Trees and the 1-2-3s when Currie bowl opened about 10:30. All runs had stacks of untracked snow which was at least 20 cms deep and getting deeper all the day so that in places you couldn't even feel the base.

The rest of the day was spent looping out across Currie bowl on the reverse traverse having first found that the Saddles were closed - will be a great opening tomorrow or whenever they get opened. The runs are hardly worth mentioning as they were all awesome deep powder but in any event here goes -
Concussion - great powder, just occasionally touching the base on some turns.
Anaconda Glades - just bottomless over the head face shots
Bootleg Glades - great skiing in the trees to skier left of the glades and powder on a firm base on the way out.
Cougar Glades - twice, awesome powder in the top and just hitting the base on the last few turns above the trail
Stag Leap - awesome skiing through the trees and in the top section but keep left on the lower ski out to avoid alders.
Decline - twice, wonderful powder on the domed section on top just jumping from side to side and the lower sections had filled in nicely between the small trees so that you could really lay down some powder S's through the lower section.
Easter bowl - great deep powder in the top section.
Skydive - Fantastic powder all the way down and a little twiggy in the last section but good if you worked hard.

End of the day we put a quick loop in Surprise Trees which semed to have been left alone most of the day so we just floated down on powder turning where we wanted to. Last run was of course Skydive and it was amazing to so how many of the Skydive club had gathered for a final rip so special mentions to Rob, Randy, Rod, Fred, Dougie, Stinger, Dan,Lynda and of course me - awesome rip from top to bottom.

Loads of beers to celebrate Annie 's birthday (happy birthday Annie) and an early night. Temps due to fall to -17 tonight and stay low for several days before rising on the front of some unreal forecast snowfall figures next week - lets see.

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