Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 87 totally out the other side of awesome

What a time to be going back to the UK to sort out a few things, just in the middle of the best snow cycle we have had in the past 3 years - not saying that much given the poor snow record of the past two years.

Some facts, we had 28 cms overnight making 63 cms in the last 48 hours. At the start we had a snow base of 329cms but during the day we must have has another 15/20 of fresh as it puked snow all day. Temps started at a surprisingly low -17 and didn't get up much above -8 at mid mountain even though the forecast was for +2. The result was awesome, awesome snow all over the hill all day with tracks getting filled in almost as fast as you could ski them.

There was the usual fiasco with the opening information as we got to the hill. Timber was closed so we went to Deer where we were told that Bear was closed but Boom was open. We skied down to Elk to give us access to Boom where we were told that both Boom and Bear were closed. Getting to the top of Elk we saw that Boom was loading and getting there via Kodiak we were told that they had been open all morning - you sometimes wonder if the right hand even knows it has a left hand.

No need to comment on the conditions, all yeserday's heavy pow had been skied in and the new snow had provided great cover so for the most part it was bottomless stuff that you could just point your skis anywhere you wanted. The sign line was down at Alpine way but with a bit of work you could get across to the edge of Snake but this wasn't needed as all the nearer stuff (Cedar ridge, Linda's, King Fir, Boom ridge including the trees to bottom right, Boom, Buck shot etc) were all super deep and great skiing. Best Old side day I can remember in what was over the knees powder by lunch. Even Kangaroo (5 times) was soft mellow bumps and we even tried the trees to the skiers left of the roo which is something I have never done.

After lunch we went to the New side and found that it was just as good as the Old with Anaconda open but Currie closed. A rip down Siberia ridge confirmed it as the most neglected run with the bit after the gnarly section just ahuge rolling terrain park of deep soft snow.

The rest of the day we looped Knot chutes (tight knot, fraid knot, slim, thin and jim all several times) and then all the Anaconda chutes all deep and sloughing out as you skied them and then down through Bootleg Glades. A buddy on the lift made a great suggestion that Surprise Trees had probably been neglected (everyone going for Anaconda) and he was right. Three great loops through Surprise had filled in all day and were so deep it was unreal.

A final rip through Jim, Anaconda 2 and Bootleg Trees was a great finish to the day. Now back to the UK for a week so no reports unless I can get Lynda to do them or do them myself second hand based her phone calls.

Recieved an email from RCR trying to excuse their actions of yesterday when they closed the hill first thing to allow first track skiers to get to the powder while the rest of us waited. Needless to say the expanation was full of holes and I have gone back pointing these out, a further response is awaited - watch this space.

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