Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 69 a short report

A short report for two reasons, firstly there isn't much to report and secondly there is a hockey game tonight we want to get to.

To deal with hockey game, we are playing the Kimberley Dynamiters in the final regular season game. The result means nothing as the play off places have been decided and the play offs start next week with the Ghostriders playing - you guessed it, the Kimberley Dynamiters. It follows that the purpose behind this evenings game is to put down markers for the up coming play off series so I guess we are in for a bit of a fight and if we get more than a few minutes of 5 on 5 hockey I will be amazed.

The hill today was much the same as yesterday with the wind sift just as stiff as ever on the up wind slopes and the whole condition rather varied and a bit slick when you least expected it. Starting temps were around zero and at the base rose to +5 although it was bit cooler at the top and felt a lot cooler in the wind and overcast conditions which persisted all day.

We had a New side day and just hung out, first of all around Siberia Ridge, Surprise Trees, Anaconda Glades doing multiple loops and finishing before lunch with a rip down Skydive.

In the afternoon we drifted out into Concussion, Stag leap, Cougar Glades, Easter/Spinal Tap, The Brain, Window chutes and of course a final rip down Skydive. Conditions were much the same as yesterday with chunky blow in which was rather tough and a hard base that took a fair bit of edge control to hold down the speed.

Day ended at +3 and some light rain in the valley which I guess is snow on the hill and due to turn to snow right down to base over the next 24. We will see.

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