Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 65 a really nice powder day

It wasn't awesome, sick or any of those sort of adjectives, it was just a nice powder day which in the way of things is way better than most recreational skiers will get in any given year. Really sorry about yesterday's blog but we did get totally hoovered after skiing and I actually did pretty well to type as much as I did.

The snow continued into the night so that by the morning we had about 15 cms of fresh at the snow plots with way more in certain parts of the bowls and the snow base back above 250 cms. Despite what I have written before we went to the Old side to try for first tracks and although we were first up there was signs of earlier activity presumably by those who had paid to get first tracks.

The snow had come down with very little moisture content so that you were through it pretty easily and we were really skiing on the base with some great powder on top. The fluff moved quite quickly and almost everywhere you went there was maximum slough problems and in extreme cases it even slabbed out in mini avi conditions.

We ripped around the Old side triangle in Boom, Buckshot, Cedar ridge several ways, King Fir and then a long loop out the Steep and Deep which we entered via the Gorby shoulder. We got first/early tracks everywhere we went and had some great fresh snow skiing. Three returns through Kangaroo and Bear chutes were all good. By this time it was about 11 and we headed to the New side which was showing all green on the open board.

We just had time for a couple of runs before lunch. First was Cougar Glades which by staying close left in the trees rather than drifting out into the gladed areas gave good untracked skiing. Then a good finish through Lone Fir (awesome deep powder under the chute) then Spinal Tap (again really good deep powder in the creek bed) time for lunch.

In the afternoon we went back to the New side and had great loops in -
Stag leap - great powder all the way down.
The Brain - good tight tree skiing mostly untracked
Window chutes - The log drop getting almost civilised and the ski out getting a little technical.
Concussion - far chutes a bit patchy but some very deep snow
Skydive - final run, great, great soft snow skiing all the way down, what a ripper.

Maybe a bit more snow tonight - who knows ?

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