Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 67 a surprising boost to the snow base

Yes, today didn't promise much but actually delivered some pretty good conditions as long as you weren't going to be a princess about cold, wind chill and variable snow.

Overnight we had temps down to -20 but it was -18 when we got to the hill and during the day it got uo to about -8. The forecast was for cloud with a bluebird afternoon but in the event what we got was strong ridgeline winds with loads of blow in and mountain snow at the higher elevations all day which without producing significant accumulations still added to the 249 cm snow base all day.

We hit the New side and spent the morning trying unusual loops in such places as Surprise Trees, Knot chutes, Anaconda Glades, Bootleg Glades and Siberia ridge. All were good with new snow except that Anaconda looked like it had slid in the top of the second chute and this needed a bit of avoiding. Cougar Glades were soft all the way down, Window chutes were a bit scratchy on the exit and Stag leap was particularly good on skiers left.

In the afternoon we stayed on the New side and had a great run through Secret chutes/Spinal tap the latter being a bit technical in the lower sections. Decline was a bit tracked out lower down but Concussion had lots of soft blow in through the whole of the chutes and bowl. I then did something I haven't done all year, I took a run and it was so good that I did it again straight away afterwards - the run was the Brain. It was great tight, mostly untracked tree skiing from top to bottom.

Final rip down Skydive but with the usual suspects missing it was just me and Lynda. A great rip and finish to the day. Maximum beer evening with friends at home and now time for bed. Loads of disturbed weather in the forecast.

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