Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ready to Rumble

So the weather man said flurries, less than 1 cm overnight so we shouldn't have been surprised to wake up to about 10 cms of fresh - more shovelling, snow banks higher than me etc. We were woken by the sounds of patrol blasting on the hill and a quick check on the website confirmed a base of 111 cms at mid mountain and a fall year to date of 250 cms. Getting so excited about Saturday.

Took the Explorer to Fernie Ford who confirmed that the only problem was a blown ABS sensor on the rear traction control so it was all fixed by lunch for about $152 - good work guys.

While wandering around town bumped into some more buddies who astonded me with the news that Inghams were not running holidays this year. Came back and checked on line to find that they are so someone has got their wires crossed - maybe they mean that Mike and Liz aren't the reps - watch this space.

Spent the afternoon playing in the snow banks with the avi probe from my back country pack practicing how to probe avi debris. So now just about as prepared as you can get for a season.

Not much snow in the forecast for the next couple of days but on past performance that could well mean we are in for a dump. A couple of buddies on split shifts from the mines tomorrow so we may get out for a quick beer at lunch time. Pool is open for a swim and the Riders are at home for a hockey game so plenty to keep us amused on the last day before the hill opens.

This evening ended on ahigh laying in the hot tub under the stars in -4 drinking a cold beer - not a bad life.

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