Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Good Day for Getting Things Done

And did we get a lot done today. Woke up early due to the time shift and cleared all the backlog of emails etc. Spent the morning sorting out ski gear for the season, charging up the radios, putting batteries in the avi transceivers etc. Discovered that I had bought some really good polarized goggles in a sale at the end of the season which I had forgotten about and spent some time getting them to be a snug fit with the helmet.

Headed up to the hill and put all the gear in the lockers ready for the weekend. Bumped into so many buddies that was thinking of having a T shirt printed up saying "I got into town on Monday evening" as I was asked the question so many times but it's nice to have friends.

Yesterday's snow petered out early morning having given up about 20 cms in the last 24 hours in the town and rather more on the hill. Reports suggest that the snow base is high at over 100 cms but the snow is so light ( no thaw/freeze or ice storms yet) so that it won't take much to go through and rock skis will be a good idea for a while yet.

Sounds like there has been some good glading in Cedar bowl but mostly in the higher traffic areas that we don't ski all that much. Of more interest is that they have blasted the shoulder on Skydive traverse above Currie Creek to make it a bit more user friendly. I intend to reserve judgement until I have had a look for myself but in general terms I am not in favour of making access to some areas of the hill too easy - if you can't get there you shouldn't be skiing it in the first place. We shall see.

Spent the afternoon trying on ski boots to make sure they hadn't shrunk over the summer. We then went out to Annex Park and played hunt the transceiver just to practice on the grounds that a real avalanche situation is no place to learn how to use your kit.

Got back to the house just after dark and had the first hot tub of the season with a cold beer and just laid back while the snow started again - a good end to a productive day.

So with two days to go everything is ready except for the ABS light in the car which I hope will be fixed by Fernie Ford tomorrow. Hockey game scheduled for Friday night against the Thunder Cats which should get us in the mood for opening day. Only cloud on the horizon is the new BC drink drive limits which mean that even two pints might be pushing your luck.

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