Friday, December 3, 2010

Final Countdown

Amazingly enough we woke this morning to no fresh snow (the first time since we arrived) but sunny spells and temps of around -8. Spent the morning finishing off odd jobs around the house.

Late morning went to the Aquatic Centre and had a swim and a hot tub - not as good as our own but ok.

After checking on a buddy's house (ok) and doing abit of shopping we picked up Rob, on his split from the mine, and headed up to the hill for a final check and have a beer in Kelseys. How surprised was I to bump into an old RS 400 sailing buddy from the UK who is living in Oz but has come over here for the season - what are the odds against that.

Back home now before having an early tea and then go to the Riders game against the Thunder Cats - about as near to a local derby as you get outside of playing Kimberley.

The hill looked in great shape from the bottom although we were warned that Currie Bowl had slid to ground and there could be problems getting it all opened. We will soon know so see tomorrow's report.

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