Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 78 a new reporting team

Today as usual dawned at just below zero with valley cloud and sun on top. We went to the hill and found that it was snowing valley snow, a condition that usually doesn't last that long but today lasted for 4 hours and must have added at least 3 cms to the base. With uncertain viz we hit the old side. Hereafter my Irish guests have asked to be allowed to do todays report - enjoy...

What really happened was as follows. Today dawned, like every other day, in the pitch dark, in the upper bunk, listening to Simon snoring through the wall. (with Bill's background accompaniment from the other end of the house). We had put on a few last night watching the hockey "game" (No offence to anyone from Golden reading this blog but, guys, that was bad!). Those of us capable of movement dressed and followed the Handleys to the hill. We went right outside the locker rooms, which is known as the "Old side". This Side has the advantage that the lifts are shorter so you haven,t completely frozen to death by the time you get to the top.
We first skiied somewhere called 'Bear".( The name will give you a clue what thats like). Then we moved to "Sunny side" which is basically a cliff covered in big blocks of chopped up ice. After that it all got a bit blurred. We skiied lots of places you will have read about elsewhere in this blog but had no idea where we were. I do remember jumping off a cliff somewhere on the basis of Bill's shout from below about "lovely snow" and noticing parents sheilding their children's eyes from the horror that was unfolding. Nobody was badly hurt although I experienced great pain sliding down a sheet of ice called Kangaroo ( presumably in reference to all the antipodeans who seem to run this resort) and eventually we were allowed to stop for a ten minute lunch before going back up again. There was snow everywhere and more of it falling out of the sky. They tend to have a lot of it here, although the locals (and temporary resident Brits) complain if it doesn't chuck down all day. We eventually escaped on the basis that we promised to cook dinner.

In fairness, if you like near death experiences, enjoy good food, great company, stunning scenery and the best skiing in the world spend a week in the Rockies with the Handleys. We have been doing it for six years and keep coming back.

Sorry if this didn tell you much about the hill today but, if you need to know, email Bill and he will fill you in. Feck it! we built this blog, we have the right to mess it up at least once!

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