Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 75 Getting hot hot hot

Today was forecast as warm (+7) with rain. As it happened the day dawned ovecast at about zero with overcast conditions and some vallley snow - about 2 cms. We decided to go high to the new side and encountered light snow all morning clearing later.

Viz was very restricted all over so our early runs were in Highline Trees, Surprise Trees, Anaconda Glades, Bootleg Glades etc which all had fresh snow but not much and some chunky stuff underneath. Moving further a field we tried Cougar Glades, Stag Leap and Decline all of which were softening in the rising temps.

Around 12 the light lifted and we hiked Knot Chutes and it was about that time that we felt the full blast of the days warming inversion which felt like at least + 10 at the top of the chutes. Returned via far side Surprise which was now warm, heavy and very spring like. In view of all this ran off for a late lunch through Concussion which was also soft heavy and slow motion spring skiing.

In the afternoon went to the old side and found excellent soft deep late spring snow. Dropped Snake ridge which was probably the best snow on the hill and exited via KC chutes which were a big work out for edge to edge jumping. A few more loops off Cedar ridge, King Fir, Boomerang, Buckshot and the like still gave good soft skiing in the warming conditions. As always returned through Kangaroo ( 4 times) which by the end of the day was skiing so easy and soft it wasn't true.

Ended up dropping Bear chutes and a ski out along the goat track before drinking far too much in the Griz then taking my Irish guests to Ski Base where they bought two pair of skis and a pair of boots - bet the shop on the hill is unhappy that they pissed me off last year with the amount of business I have put through Ski Base this year.

Still warm but precip in the forecast - lets see.

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