Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 77 what happened - I can't remember

I am writing this blog last thing at night having been to the first of the play offs for the hockey league. The game was a bit like the weather, strange, it didn't feel much like play off hockey as the teams were fast but without much passion. The Riders won 7-0 and there was only one fight worth mentioning and it was almost as if Golden had given up, hope the rest of this best of seven series livens up a bit.

Trying to remember today through the haze of after skiing beer plus during hockey beer I come up with a memeory of overcast starts at about -1. During the day the temps got very warm, maybe +7 at the base with a mix of sun, cloud, blue skies and at time heavy snow at the top and light rain at the bottom. In other words all 4 seasons in one day, sometimes in the space of about 20 minutes. Even now it is -2 on the deck with forecasts which range from snow to rain to cloud to sun.

Went to the new side to stay high in viz which went from socked in cloud to clear blue to overcast so we stayed in the trees. Started on lift line which surprised me by slabbing out big time at the top before it settled into heavy new snow which tended to support the claim from the hill of 5 cms of fresh new overnight.

Looped Surprise, Highline, Anaconda, Bootleg, Cougar Glades, Stag Leap, Siberia ridge twice, Decline and Window chutes. All were much the same with yesterdays soft improved by the new snow on top, a mid section of dust on crust then a lower section of softer rubbery snow to the base. Sib ridge was particularly nice as was Stag Leap both of which were rather like a terrain park with big rollers and plenty of air if you were up for it.

A very late lunch didn't leave much time but another go at Stag leap was good. Also went back for another dip into Anaconda as I has stacked it in there during the morning on a tree stump and needed to get my revenge. A couple of loops through the far side of Surprise found new snow and as always a final rip down Skydive proved that there were still fresh tracks to be found even if it was between already skied lines.

Haven't checked the weather for tomorrow - why bother - what ever it is we will ski it. Go Riders Go.

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