Thursday, March 26, 2009

26th March

Day 94 proved to be an ok days skiing. There was no new snow today and it was a bluebird day with no cloud in the sky from first bell to last.
From the outset the Meat Hook was open so we headed to the old side and started skiing the untracked snow in upper Lizard which was not quite up to the knees but was just about able to be counted as powder. The whole morning was spent working our way across the bowl skiing fresh snow each run and then free riding the bowl down to the Bear chair to repeat over and over again. Not great skiing but easy powder with fresh tracks has to be ok in the last week in March.
With the snow warming it was difficult to decide where to take the Thursday group. A quick trip up the Meat Hook just confirmed that we had managed to trash it all out during the morning. Given yesterdays experience we thought Snake ridge might be quite nice but it had mulched out and a run through Kangaroo didn't do much to prove the experience.
We hit the new side and found that even Lift Line was a bit scratchy. The final vote for the new side was Siberia Ridge was tough but not too bad, Anaconda Glades was ok in deep snow but the base was hard and uneven. Last run through Skydive was hard but just about skiable as a last run of the day.
In Summary the hill was skiing as hard as I can remember it for this time of year, that having been said, if you enjoy hard skiing as most of the Fernie hardcore do then this is all part of the fun and what separates this hill from those others which tend to flatter the intermediate skier into thinking they are a bit better than they actually are. Can't wait for tomorrow's fun.

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