Monday, March 23, 2009

23rd March

Day 91 which means my average cost of a days skiing today dropped below 11 bucks a day. The day was cut short by me having a bad cold so I only managed the morning before heading home to nurse myself with Neocitrone and whiskey.
Got to the hill early to sort out the binding issue. When we looked at the bindings on my rock skies two were also damaged so we were only just able to sort out one decent set to mount on the skis. This rendered the question of a warrently claim as irrelevant as I will have to buy a new set any way for the new skis so this time it will be down to Ski Base where I know they will keep a record of the transaction and sort out any warrenty issues that may arise.
We have had 15 cms in the last 24 hours and with the snow mushy even at first run on the lower hill the only game in town was to head high and cycle White pass where the snow was at least bearing some resemblence to powder. The problem was that the mush from yesterday gave a hard base with hidden death cookies and the socked in conditions meant that you couldn't see the surface anyway.
As the morning worn on the thaw line moved up the hill so that by 1 only the very highest snow was ok and even that was pretty heavy. The final run off the hill was in very warm sunshine and the lower hill was slushy spring conditions. During the morning some buddies came over from the old side saying it was slushy from early on so we didn't feel the need to check it out. Later in the locker room some more buddies said that some of the stuff and particularly Kangaroo so mybe it will be a good old fashioned old side start tomorrow.
More snow called for tonight but with todays high of +8 it is hard to see how tomorrow will be much better than today with the base freezing hard again. That having been said the hill plays funny tricks this time of year and a good freeze might dry out the base and give some quite acceptable skiing - lets see.

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