Sunday, March 22, 2009

22nd March

Day 90 and a landmark worth celebrating in a not very exciting season.
Funny old day really which started with the suggestion that it would be raining today but as with so many days it stopped raining as we got to the hill and we headed high to see if the overnight rain had turned to snow up in Whitepass. There was a little soft stuff around but it was difficult to work out whether the rough stuff underneath was death cookies or just soft stuff - in the event it turned out to be both depending on how high you were.
We cycled Whitepass a few times in the fresh but not very deep snow then encountered a host we know who asked us if we coould look after a couple of guests who were only here for one day but were looking for something a it more exicting. Alex and Larry from New England joined us in the chase to find new snow before it got too warm - later the base temps hit +15 and the untracked snow became unskiable with even the tails breaking through the snow.
We hit Surprise Trees, Mitchy Chutes, Anaconda Glades and Bootleg Glades which all were good. We then decided to give Skydive a lash although Lynda bailed on the grounds that it would be too heavy. As always Lynda was proved right and the lower section proved to be a real test even for the strongest skier.
We then headed over the old side to check things out and skied Boomerang ridge, Boom bowl, Buck shot and Boom again before deciding to call it a day.
After my ski blew off twice again in the deep stuff I took the skis to the repair shop who confirmed that it was a broken base plate and a warrenty call. At the moment they are jibbing because I can't procuce a receipt and they don't keep records - the only business where they think customers have to keep better records than the business they deal with!! I will keep everyone posted on how this works out but rest assured that if they deny my claim I will make sure it costs them 10's of thousands in dollars of lost business over the next few years.
The hill was all but deserted today which makes you wonder how they justify the 5 dollar premium they are charging on a day ticket. Can't see the sense of it myself as it just recuces the number of people on the hill and hence the income line but as long as it gives me more open hill to ski with no competition why should I worry if the hill makes dumb decions.

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