Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Day 123 Hot Dog Eve, another good powder day

It was cold overnight again so that as we arrived at the hill it was -8 at the base and colder up the hill. the official site said only 1 cm overnight but as we arrived at the hill it started snowing which is something that seems to have happened quite a lot lately. It snowed all morning probably giving us a good 5 cms of new snow or possibly more. The odd thing was that for some reason the snow seemed to ski much deeper than the actual snowfall, more like 25 cms. Perhaps it was some reaction with the new snow and the 17cms we had over the past 48 hours but we were skiing on what felt like deep powder all day and on the upper mountain we were not touching bottom although on the lower parts it was still rather dust on crust. Temps stayed low all day and even as we drove away this evening it was zero in the valley.

A blog follower met us in the locker room as he had emailed me to ski with Lynda and me today and he picked a pretty good day to do it - good call Shawn. First we had to go to the Old Side to undertake a traditional pre Hot Dog Day action which we did as early as we could. While we were there we skied Linda's which was soft and untracked down to the last couple of turns. We then ran to the New Side through Boomerang and Buck Shot which both seemed untracked soft bumps and again only got scratchy in the bottom.

I guess what with one thing and another it was about half way through the morning before we made our first drop of Lift Line where we found the bumps soft and newly covered although the light was very flat. Flat light was a persistent problem all morning although things did improve in the afternoon. Stag Leap had been the best of the Big 3 yesterday so we started there and were not disappointed, it was soft and mellow skiing even down to the last turns. We went back to try Decline and found it untracked although the snow was filling in so fast that maybe we were not the first ones to go there. It was much better than yesterday especially in the lower parts which were now skiing well although you did touch base from time to time.

Last run before lunch we hiked up to Lone Fir and had the run of the day in the chute which was full of soft snow and skiing very easily. The fan was just awesome soft snow and we tracked across to Spinal Tap which was also soft and deep, getting scratchy only for the last few turns.

After lunch we went back up the New Side and tried the Brain which was untracked in the top section and on the right should above the creek bed and so was great tree skiing. Next, for a change we headed out on Sib Ridge and ran down the Fraser Tooth which also appeared untracked and where the only real problem was avoiding your own slough.

We dropped the Gun Bowl which was a lot less scratchy than yesterday and ran out to Anaconda where chute 2 was untracked and deep. Diamond Leg Trees didn't show much sign of skier traffic either and was very mellow even through the dead fall. By this time the light had improved to the point where a saddle seemed appropriate so we looked in at Low Saddle and although it was a bit rocky and lumpy in the top it skied ok after that and the Perch Chutes were just sensational untracked powder. Easter Bowl was soft bumps all the way down to Freeway.

We just had time for a quick White Pass loop and so hit Surprise Trees which were surprisingly good particularly under the trees away from the direct sunlight. Even at the end of the day there appeared to be many untracked lines to be had. Last run of course was Skydive with just 3 of us. It was bumpy in the top but for most of the run it was soft deep powder so that you could just throw down GS turns in the deep snow. Half way down the final pitch it got a bit harder and icy but by that stage you could just smash through anything.

It was a good wings night with buddies at the Pub and while we sat there we watched the snow just puke down and give a good covering on our trucks by the time we left. Tomorrow could be a powder day to match today which was a very good day indeed.

Tomorrow is Hot Dog Day when we all dress in retro gear and ski around the hill pulling off stupid tricks. Part of the tradition is getting unbelievably drunk (I have declared the day an honorary Sunday so I will be drinking) so it may be that the blog will not appear until late tomorrow if at all -  apologies in advance.


  1. Awesome day today. Thanks so much to you and Lynda for letting me tag along and showing me all the locals' lines on the hill! See you next season.

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