Monday, April 2, 2018

Day 121 Back to winter

First of all apologises for the late report,. Sunday is my one day of the week for drinking and I cashed that in very much in spades at the Rusty Edge tonight before spending the evening with my buddies Rob and Katie and their boys all of which has led to a very late start. It also my explain the rather brief and incoherent nature of tonight's report.

No new snow overnight but there was snow promised to in the form of showers this morning, light snow this afternoon and snow tonight. In truth what we got was flurries that started on the first chair going up and continued most of the day. It was -8 as we arrived at the hill and -3 as we drove away which tended to show that over the whole day nothing much happened in terms of the usual warming.

We skied the Old Side and had great skiing in Bear Cave Chutes, Cedar Ridge an King Fir which were all firm underneath and getting better in the new snow, I had three laps of Kangaroo which was hard and icy and just about as ugly as I can remember.

We went to the New Side and found that just like yesterday the Reverse Traverse was closed due to icy conditions which was strange as I seriously doubt that it could have been any worse than the second section of Kangaroo. We skied Anaconda and Diamond Leg Trees before lunch which were good soft skiing.

After lunch, and just like yesterday we did New Side loops of Anaconda/.Diamond Leg trees alternated with the Fraser Tooth both of which were soft snow where slough management was becoming a problem as the day wore on in the new snow. That was it for the whole day.

It is -5 and still snowing now so tomorrow could be pretty good.

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